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DSC00613I am a writer and editor based in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the right are links to a selection of articles for leading magazines, online publications and newspapers.

SELECTED OUTLETS: San Francisco Chronicle (and its magazine), The Guardian, Smithsonian Magazine, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco magazine, Sierra, Sunset, Reader’s Digest, SFGate, Wine Enthusiast, Report on Business, enRoute, Toronto Life, Via, Globe & Mail, Walrus, Daily Beast. (The Muckrack assembly of some of my pieces.)

As a journalist, I’ve ranged over a wide territory, writing long-form stories on business and tech, on travel, the arts and the law — the last, because I’m a former lawyer. After leaving the practice, I worked as an editor and columnist at Toronto Life magazine and a producer at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation — together a decade in these in-house roles. I left the CBC when we moved from Toronto to the Bay Area, and now contribute to a variety of publications. I’ve studied literature at Dartmouth College (A.B.) and Trinity College (Dublin) (M.Phil.) and law at the University of Toronto (J.D.).

FICTION: A novel, Until It Shimmers, is due out from Ace of Swords in 2022, with a second, Paddle to the Sea, to follow in 2023.

WRITING CLASS: This is the syllabus of a travel writing class I recently taught at Stanford.

LOST HORIZON: This is a feature for